Tuesday, 26 February 2008

More non-boat!

So walking in the Welsh Mountains with my Dad. Thought about a wander along the Mon and Brec - but wasn't keen on looking at a waterless canal! so climbed the Sugar Loaf instead. Both dogs, and both men got there easily, and despite the howling 40mph wind and swirling cloud base, nontheless brewed a cup of tea at the top as well!
It was Shilah's first proper outing, and the first time for years that Dad and I actually climbed something together.
Hey, thanks everyone who sends encouraging emails - "keep the dream, it will happen" and so on - I am certainly keeping it, K2 will float one day, although currently I'm very frustrated! I've even thought about getting the shell built, and worrying about fit out another day, but that just defeats the objective! Still see what the next few months bring!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Weak or what?

In a moment of weakness over the weekend, a new member of my household joined. Shilah is a 5 month old Beagle pup, from Annavah Kennels! This is her doing what puppies do best - looking cute!
Actually it was always a plan to get a second dog, I think they work better together especially when I work odd hours. I just could never find the right sort and size, not really wanting to have another big dog, but generally not liking little dogs!
Tally is cool with the idea, as you can see, She knows who is top dog, and reminds Shilah who was here first. (that's my bed, my bowl, my bone....!!)

Friday, 1 February 2008

Design Stage

Ok, so no money holds up K2's build, but, the design is now complete, I think. Incorporated into the boat is a traditional boatmans cabin, engine room, bathroom, galley and saloon, as well as a full size double bed under the tug deck. Despite being a "baby" in length, the design allows for everything I think is needed for live aboard, and extended cruising. My concession to modern living is the inclusion of a washing machine.
I have given up the composting toilet thing - no-one seems to have good experience with them. As many people seem to be taking them out, as putting them in. The principle is sound, maybe the outworking is poor! Equally I would be heading for the Kelvin J series, rather than a K. Less engine room is required for this baby donkey, but it produces more than enough horses to push K2 through the water, even tidals.
So... There we are - comments, critical or otherwise, gratefully received.