Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas on board...

Ok so it was a little squeeze - 7 of us in the saloon, with the heat building up, dinner was served via an assortment of make-shift benches and anything acted as a seat!! However presents were opened, food was eaten, and everyone had a good time
K2 now has a ships bell and a fantastic thermometer to tell me how cold the inside really is!! Oh and a 2 way telephone so that we can communicate between the back counter and the galley, despite having an old thumper in-between!
Home is now being rented out properly... Bit of a nightmare really as it will cost me more, and I need to store all my furniture somewhere, but the hassle of watching it deteriate will stop hopefully, when a family uses it as home. So if anyone knows where I can store furniture, as well as a trailer, that would be brilliant. K2 will house some of the additional things, but she can't take too much more - as NB Mr David commented when I first loaded her - she's a narrow boat not a 4 bedroom house!! Watch this space, she's about to become a 4 bedroom house !!!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Of Oil, Heavy Oil, and vintage engines...

So of course, it had to happen given the high price of red diesel now.. apparantly the RN DM3 can run on old engine oil. difficult to start in the cold I guess, but then a little diesel may help that along.
Anyone got experince of this sort of thing? I know it would mean a tank conversion, filter replacements, and so-on, but it could mean cheaper running, and no declaration of tax that is incorrect.....