Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Party Time

Well, you are only 18 once! and it's a good job, as the party costs a fortune. We had a great time though as her friends were wheeled into a local hall for her cocktail party. The bar man (me) had a busy time, creating over 500 cocktails!! Still it was fun, hectic but enjoyable, and everyone concerned seemed to behave, and that is no mean feat in it's own right.
Christmas is coming - and I wish all readers a great Christmas, and all the very best for 2008. I'm hoping that this blog will return to the boat planning in 2008, with news of what is occuring. There is a lot going on both at home and at work currently that is changing by the day - I've given up second guessing the outcome of any of it, so will simply sit back and let time take its time, and set my strategy for what could occur. Don't be put off by the non-happening currently, if you don't visit, you may miss the fun!! I'm really loving the pictures on live aboard blogs of fantastic icey cut mornings, wishing I was in the same boat, well in my boat anyway!! Oh well, time will be !
ps - if you fancy the Welsh Mountains in January - I'm planning the next outing!

Thursday, 6 December 2007

5 Hours from Home

....and I was in the mobile free wastelands of the Langdales, staying at the - a favourite haunt of mine, waking up to views like this out of my window!
A fantastic long weekend - climbing a few of the Lakeland mountains, Bow Fell, Crinkle Crags, Pavey Ark, Harrison Stickle and the Langdale Pikes. Often above the dense valley cloud base, and more often than not in hail, snow, and high winds!! All too soon it came to an end!
The more astute of you would notice I was going to Wales, however the weather forecast made Wales seem impossible, and at least the Lakes gave me 2 great days outside, and 1 day not so good! It was fantastic to be in the open air again - oh and in the Hikers Bar, home of so many great characters, with a history of real moutaineers, and the best drying fireplace I know! Why I have ended up living so far South, I will never know!
Now for the run up to Christmas. All the work do's and dinners(!) presents to buy. An expensive time of year for me... Boat buying seems a world away, however, I have put it on my Fathers Christmas list, so we shall see if he obliges.