Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Picture or two - to keep us all going...

For no particular reason, except that it is boring moaning about diesel prices, sad talking about the economy, and we all need to remember cruising days!!

At least I'm not a super-tanker with $100m worth of crude oil on board - so no fear of pirates in the UK inland waterways. Having said that - my Dad was passing yesterday and went on board with a friend to help himself to Cheese and crisps and hot drinks when I wasn't around - is that piracy???!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Thick me....

OK - so I don't get it!!
I paid £1.10 a litre for my diesel. Apparantly that is split 60% at full fuel duty for propulsion, and 40% at discounted rate for generation and heating. Forget the fact that that is all wrong and daft in the first place. However, how come given that equation - I can buy white diesel at 100% full fuel duty for £1.07 at the most expensive garage in Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire. I can only guess the boatyards are now ripping us off.....
Anyone got a 57foot trailer and hoist?

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Long lost friends

After many a phone call, email, text and any other method of communication you can think of, finally Dave and Sheila made it to K2 to visit. Haven't seen Sheila for about 4 years, and Dave for about 2... So in the wind and rain that is our winter, or late Autumn if you look at the colour of the trees, we luxuriated on Fish and Chips and cruised out and back, via the bank.... No not the one that we own and doesn't have any money, rather the mud one, courtesy of Sheilas helmsmanship and my non-watchful eye!!
Still it was a great trip, and good to be out and about for a bit! Filled with diesel - £1.10, that's a shock from the old 84p thing. First time I've filled up since November 1st, so best I get used to it I suppose! I could rant about Europe, and our governments confusion, or just accept that taxes and death are the 2 certainties in life and get on with getting the cheque book out!!
Now K2 is snug as a bug, and shut down against the wind and rain, and I'm heading for a hot soak in the bath!!!