Sunday, 12 June 2011

Boat for Rent?

You will see that I haven't blogged on K2 for a year... I have been on her about 6 times in the year, all for a days cruise that generally went to Hillmorton and back.
So she has become an unused holiday cottage, so I am wondering about renting her out. Based off the North Oxford she sits in a brilliant cruising area with so many options for everything from a couple of days to longer term. It would be good for her to be used, clearly by people familiar with traditional engines and controls. So if you know anyone, or would like a cruise in the Midlands area, then get in touch with me!!
Without sounding like an advert - she sleeps 4 easily, 6 at a pinch, full size bath and shower, central heating and 2 multi-fuel stoves.. better than a holiday cottage in my book! With her genuine 1954 engine, she looks and sounds amazing.
Anyway - enough of that. Ideally I would like boaters that wish to change their cruising ground, without moving their boat, but everyone considered!
Maybe I should get KeyWorth to set this up as a business site for others as well
Comments on the blog site will get to me, and allow me to communicate with you.

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