Sunday, 4 January 2009

Of Swans, Ice and Winter trips..

First - the Swans.. Look what they have done to my bow fender!! Real rope has its down side clearly. As I can't shoot the perpetrator, I've simply sent the picture and the bill to HRH, who owns the thing. Hope she is insured...
Second Ice... News Years day, and the ice in the marina was already so thick, that it took all of the 28 tonnes of K2 to smash our way off the pontoon backwards. With a number of watchful spectators - (are they still gongoozelers if they live on a boat and are watching you?) - K2 eventually found her way to the open water of the cut. The marina had an inch and a half of ice, yet the cut was clear! Anyway 3 other boats went in after I had come out, so I guess they were grateful that a heavy boat cut the ice.
Now for anyone wondering about the cold on boats... K2's new saloon thermometer registered 36c overnight news years day - all for one pile of stoveglow and the bubble! It was -4.5c outside!!
It's a good run - passing 3 boats out, and none on the way back!!
However the pub was shut. Despite a sign and voicemail assuring us they were open 7 days a week for dinner - so a short wander up the road to the Hotel. I have stayed there in a former working life, but they were shut as well. Then an enterprising manager - ran out after us, offering blue cheese and brocoli soup, followed by Roast chicken and vegetables, and rubarb crumble for £12 a head!! deal done!! so 4 star hotel, roaring fire, and the only guests - we ate like Lords and Ladies!!
Is that snow on the ground? Probably, but not enough to shout too loud, really wanted it to snow, but that was the best it did, and the cut is still not iced over completely!!
Still now the marina is even thicker - the washing machine bubbles, and the bath water linger on the top of the sheet ice as if to prove a point, that even hot water won't penetrate the cold, and K2 now doesn't move without creaking and groaning...
The ancient mariner comes to mind "the ice was here, the ice was there, the ice was all around - it creaked and growled, roared and howled like noises from the... "" what was it again? English Literature was 24 years ago!!

Have a great 2009.. With me out of work - and the man from BMI also redundant after 17 years - it will be an interesting year!! may yours be prosperous....

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