Sunday, 12 June 2011

Boat for Rent?

You will see that I haven't blogged on K2 for a year... I have been on her about 6 times in the year, all for a days cruise that generally went to Hillmorton and back.
So she has become an unused holiday cottage, so I am wondering about renting her out. Based off the North Oxford she sits in a brilliant cruising area with so many options for everything from a couple of days to longer term. It would be good for her to be used, clearly by people familiar with traditional engines and controls. So if you know anyone, or would like a cruise in the Midlands area, then get in touch with me!!
Without sounding like an advert - she sleeps 4 easily, 6 at a pinch, full size bath and shower, central heating and 2 multi-fuel stoves.. better than a holiday cottage in my book! With her genuine 1954 engine, she looks and sounds amazing.
Anyway - enough of that. Ideally I would like boaters that wish to change their cruising ground, without moving their boat, but everyone considered!
Maybe I should get KeyWorth to set this up as a business site for others as well
Comments on the blog site will get to me, and allow me to communicate with you.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

2 pictures

Thought today I would post you 2 pictures for posterity, and for the record that would not be seen elsewhere.
The first one is is the saloon of Khayamanzi on her purchase, all those years ago, seen here on the left.
The second - on the right here, is the same view, as she slipped the brinklow moorings for the last time, to sail off to new owners and a new future.
Ok new settee, and no trinkets - but you know, as a live aboard, she has weathered the Andy storm very well!
Good luck to Khayamanzi - and if you become her new owners, do keep in touch with us, as we would love to know what she is up to for her second life.

Friday, 30 April 2010


Well - first it was GleeMaiden that hauled up her anchor and left next door. Her crew going landside with their new home, and leaving 17w1 just as it was when K2 moved in 2 years ago now. Both boats had spent 18 months moored together, and it was a shame to see her go. But today, it was an epic change. Khayamanzi left Brinklow for good, under the command of someone other than my brother, as he too, moved landside into a lovely house locally.
So a day moving boxes for him, and realising that when you move from a boat to a house - you have no furniture!
Hopefully Captain Andy and Simba, enjoy their new lives, and I move up to Admiral of the Edwards fleet - although it's been depleted slightly....

Monday, 12 April 2010

Stretch her legs -

Well the sea ones in any case!! After a winter of inactivity, due to too much work and not enough play, K2 finally got to poke her nose out of the marina, and blew all the cobwebs off!
the winter took its toll though - not winterised at all, as last year we used her all year round, the central heating failed, the starter battery failed, and it took a bit to get her running and warm again. Plus all that cleaning and dusting, to clear the insides - not to mention out of date food that needed throwing out!!

Still, the dogs had a great time - and took up their residence on the tug deck without a fuss!!
The weather was fantastic, and a really relaxing time was had, - plus I painted the blacking on the hull - pictures to follow!! wait for it....

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Ice has gone and the temperature has risen - to a sweltering 4.5 now. Having managed to push over 900 miles this week, and it's only Thursday, I for one am pleased to see the tarmac again! However, the good old Bristish roads have taken the usual pounding, and the potholes and rough roads, have managed to take a toll on my back, courtesy of the most rubbish car I have driven for around 15 years - an Audi A4. Hopeless car, and extreme in its discomfort to say the least!! Even its satnav finds the longest possible way from Southampton to Brinklow. Tell it to do the quickest route, that apparantly is via every town centre, and not on the M40!!!!
Still I guess the next thing will be daffs and bluebells. The marina is fantastic in the spring, partly because of the masses of spring flowers that the harbour team have planted all around. The sky at least cheers everyone up, and makes it look good, soon be time to get out.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Marooned - part 2

Ok - so the village is ice locked, but so is K2. So ice locked that she doesn't rock or even creak anymore! in fact no point in having mooring lines!! looks like you can walk across the ice - but don't try it, if you visit!
But today a thaw is on. Ice and snow melting gently - although more forecast during the week if you believe the weather man. Which I don't, seeing as we should have the warmest winter, and had a tropical summer - neither of which happened. More and more I'm beginning to be a climate change sceptic - seems that not all science agrees with the Co2 theory, but that fact seems to be glossed over. Climate change FACT, ranks up there with evolution FACT. Neiter proved - both just a theory, and both with very relevant opposing views that seem to be ignored by most.
However I am enjoying the coldest winter on record...

Thursday, 7 January 2010


No not on K2 - although there are a lot of stories of that on the canals - stuck in ice with no water and a full toilet - not fun! No I'm marooned on land!!
There are 2 ways out of the village. One is down into the village and out the other side, and the other is - well, closed apparantly.
In fairness a lorry jacknifed on one of the corners yesterday, and hasn't been recovered as yet, so it is physically closed! as a neighbour in his 4x4 found out when he tootled off to see!!
The road on the right is the village road, and is one sheet of ice - I couldn't walk on it, let alone put a 2 wheel drive car onto it! In fairness the Quattro got out - although isn't back yet! - but my car remained off road!

Thursday, 31 December 2009

So down to 2!!

Firstly "Bunty" left home on Christmas Eve, to her new loving home - and by all accounts is living the high life. After a couple of days crying for Mum, she seems to have settled in well, and is adored by new parents and grandparents.
And boxing day saw number 2 get collected. She travelled like royalty in a specially designed dog bag along with new toy, and also spent a couple of days crying for Mum!! But has also settled in well, and is enjoying the life of an only and spoilt puppy.
So we are left with 2. One lovingly named Poppy - 'cos she's a real poppit, and the other Homar - 'cos she's homeless!!
Homar has all the traits of Dad - runs the other way when called, whereas Poppy will come straight in and even goes to her cage when told. After 2 dry nights, and dogs that whine when they need to go out - it almost feels like a pack again!!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Getting colder!

At last it's getting colder, maybe all the bugs and colds will freeze away.! In fairness this time last year was quite cold!! Although as I am regularly asked - K2's cabin is a sultry 30+ with the fire going...
K2 was raffled off!! I offered a weekend's cruise for Children in Need to one of my customers. Someone won it I guess. Probably won't know who until the summer!! Don't worry - I will be strictly in charge at all times, so she won't be bouncing about the cut with a novice hand in charge...
Meanwhile on the land, puppies are now eating real food and getting fatter by the day. Another couple of weeks and a couple of them are leaving for their new homes. I think there will be tears!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Moving on...

With Shilah having the all clear from the vet, and four puppies getting fatter, now we seem to be getting over the worst, but not out of danger!!
Even Shilah is now leaving her pups in front of the fire and wandering around the place as if she owns it, which of course, she does!!
And at last - the cute puppy pictures that we expected day one, but have taken this long to even think about...

So now we are getting the kennel names sorted, hehe - so far one is called PooBear!! - I'll let you work out why.
Today the eyes should've opened - but as they haven't we are still glad that they can't see where they are going, so don't stray too far from each other - soon they will be everywhere!!
So K2 - well it got pretty cold, so nearly had to get the heating on onboard, but fortunately it has got a little warmer for the time being, so my electric and diesel bill is saved for a bit longer yet!!