Friday, 19 September 2008

Mini Cruise and future board.... ?

I love these autumn days of still water and sunshine! So K2, me and ex-colleague Ivor trundled off for a couple of days to "chew the cud" and discuss various opportunitues that could be ahead of us. It was great, and a number of "thoughts" came out the back of it.
Some of which included, on the water, activities, even more so, as he poured his way through the adverts in Waterways World!!
After the normal mooring greetings to fellow boaters in front of us, that lasted a good half an hour of chat and yarnings, and saw us popping back and forth between boats for a bit, Ivor concluded that he had spoken more to my overnight neighbours, than he had to his house neighbours - but that's the way isn't it?!!
The sun came up and lifted the dew, it was all too quick that we were back with another 2 inches of water in the dry bilge! Seems like it's not coming from the wasing machine, rather from one of the pipes under the engine room floor, connecting the calorifier up, that's a pain in the neck job... and I'm going to let someone else do it for me!

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