Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Back on Track!!

Well, came home early as the second rental agent was coming around at 1800hrs. To find this... OK it was a 5 foot plant yesterday, in fact it was one this morning. There was a kitchen floor as well, that had been cleaned and scrubbed ready for my agent to turn up, only I found that both lodger and dog had tramped mud and water through the room, and I had to start cleaning all over again!
I was grumpy, but it drowned that Gremlin, as all I wanted was a smaller more managable space that hasn't got someone else who doesn't appreciate how much time and effort it takes in keeping a house clean.
Anyway, new agent agrees with previous agent, and I can attempt to let the house with both.
So with that under my belt, I set to and took the floor out between the music room and the kitchen, ready to finish that area off, once the underlay and floor divider is purchased, and fired an email to the boat brokerage with a bunch of questions....


Andy Edwards said...

I presume it was the dog and not the lodger that ate the plant -LOL!

Steve Edwards said...

Not sure actually! could've been made into a vegetable curry!!