Thursday, 23 August 2007

Engines and Fit Out

Well - this is hard work. The design is moving everytime I look at it. Searching "t'internet" helps you grab other peoples ideas, as you build something that will be your home. Look at this for example - a wine rack but under the floor, what a great space saving idea, and one I would love to incorporate within K2. Bottles are such a pain to store - and this seems so obvious in many ways!! Well, with luck I am visiting Andrew Hooke on the 2nd September to discuss fit out, get some prices and so on.

Also talked to Brian from Russell Newbery. I would love a DM2 - but wondering about going away from a genuine vintage and buying a new one. RN only build 7 a year, but still can build me one before I need it next year. Hmmm, A new "vintage" engine.
As good as his word - Mels' quote hit me Tuesday. I'll let you into the secret another day, when I have all the pricing worked out. Suffice it to say, at the moment the shell and engine would be around £60K to get afloat, including the stack of cash Gordon Brown will lift from me for my pleasure! Doesn't leave a lot for fit-out.
Sill not heard from Norton Canes - and this is a bank holiday weekend! Shame would like to have fitted them in this weekend.

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