Sunday, 9 August 2009


July was a mad month! - I guess you know that as there have been no posts at all... for ages.
3 weeks on board K2 - using her as home base and office centre, whilst enjoying the boating life, showing the canal systems to Colleagues from New Zealand, and negotiating new contracts. Here's Jonathan enjoying the idea of steering K2 through the ditches, instead of a yacht out of Christchurch!
Finally, woosh - off to the sun. Well, I knew Andy was going out cruising, so decided to keep clear of the UK. Destination Cyprus for a couple of weeks for sun, sand and sea, and I worried about immigration control when arriving back home, as my skin colour didn't match the passport picture!
Great time though, and now after 5+ weeks, life can begin to settle back into reality again!! Who knows what August will bring! It started in the sun, homeless, and with an embryonic business, let's see how it ends.

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