Saturday, 28 March 2009

Old friends and little trips!

So business colleague and friend of around 20 years arrived on Friday for a meet up and chew the cud session! (Actually I think it was an excuse to get his motorbike out, and have a couple of hours run!)

Despite the wind of 25mph, that some say render boats tricky - we pushed out for a short run . Ian took to it like a duck to water, once he realised that you didn't steer K2 like a motorbike! Next time Ian - locks....
It always amazes me how quickly a day goes by at 3mph - and as usual we were back too quickly, and another day on the water had passed by!
Still - as Ian spends his spare time racing track days on his bike, to slow him down, and have him enjoy it, was a big result!! But then who can't sit in the spring sunshine on the water and not enjoy it?

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