Monday, 2 February 2009


Well, just to prove some people read this blog, comment was made that I hadn't updated it for a bit! That's because nothing news worthy had happened!! The Automotive sector is in it's worst recession, even given the early 90's, compounded by the recessed financial markets. So if you are in Automotive funding and leasing ....... you are probably, like me, not in it at the moment!! Many of our big players have closed funding lines, vehicle residual values are at an all time low, whilst maintenance costs soar, and to balance the books, companies are shedding staff like confetti, or like the snow that is falling outside.
K2 is being used only as a floating meeting room rather than the longed for elongated holiday, as the need to earn money is more pressing! The upside is, the snow is lovely, and I can sit in the warm and enjoy it building up on those branches until with a woosh they give in to the weight of snow, and empty themselves all over unsuspecting walkers and passers by.

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