Thursday, 12 June 2008

Going wrong !!

A list of things beginning to unravel on K2! I'm sure some of them are due to the fact that although she has never been used, she has sat idle for over a year since fit-out completion.
Here's the list -
1. Toilet - the fantastic vacuum loo, last night started to fill with fresh water even when everything is switched off - the only way to stop it is by switching off the water pump. This could be the water valve that has got stuck, but I can't seem to fix it, despite having taken the toilet and flush system apart!
2. Electrics - the Master Volt system doesn't seem to be synchronized to the batteries, so it thinks they are 100% charged when in fact they are not!
3. The Makuni heating system leaks water, so the radiators get de-pressurised.
4. The brand new washing machine leaks water in it's spin cycle

Oh well - keep plodding on, and fix this lot one at a time!


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Chin up, Steve. Everyone has a snagging list at the beginning, it'll all get sorted in due course. Bog trouble is almost a ritualistic initiation for every boater, so welcome to the club!

All the best


Steve Edwards said...

Thanks - and I'm a bog expert now, as I fixed the loo!!